Why You Should Be Weary of Internet Marketing Reviews

Have you ever read a very positive or very negative review about Internet marketing or an Internet marketing program? If you are in the field, interested in the field or just like reading about it, then you probably have. When it comes to any type of review, it is often very hard to determine where the intentions of the reviewer lie. Is the person giving an honest review or are they only giving the review because they are getting paid for it in one form or another? There are several different reasons why you should be weary of Internet marketing reviews. Many reasons just make plain sense, while others will be a little shocking and surprising. Here are a few that you may or may not know about:

One reason why you should be weary of Internet marketing reviews is because it is a very competitive field. Those who have been in the industry for a very long time do not want to lose their business or income to newcomers, while those who are just starting out are up against some very hard competition. Writing reviews about an Internet marketing program or another Internet marketer is a tactic that is unfortunately used by some in order to get people to stay away from spending money on their competitor’s programs.
Negative reviews are usually plentiful and have you ever wondered why or how so many bad things could be said about one program or one marketer? Actually, many affiliate marketers will post negative reviews in order to drive traffic to their own website so that they can make money off of saying negative things.
Sometimes it is good to be weary of even positive Internet marketing reviews. Even though bloggers are supposed to disclose if they receive any compensation in the form of money or products for posting reviews, some do not always list this information. Therefore, positive reviews can often times be done only so that the blogger or reviewer can receive payment for their review.

After reading the information above, you may be skeptic of believing any review that you read regarding Internet marketing. It is good to be a little skeptic though and it is also good to do other research when you are looking for a program to join or you want to become a marketer yourself. Basing your decisions only on the reviews that you read is not giving you the whole picture and further information should be sought out.

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