Why You Can’t Trust Every Internet Marketing “Review” on the Internet

The Internet is full of reviews on just about everything. You can find reviews on consumer products such as electronics, exercise products, dieting books, products for children and many more. You can also find reviews regarding the services that businesses from small to large provide. And then there is another area which has a ton of reviews and that area is Internet marketing.

Internet marketing reviews can range from reviewing the products that online marketers sell or promote, all the way to training programs that they offer and even reviews on the marketers themselves. But reviews cannot always be trusted for several different reasons. Here are a few reasons on why you cannot trust every single Internet marketing review that you find on the Internet:

Internet marketing is a very competitive business. It is not uncommon for several marketing companies or marketers to say negative things about other marketers or marketing companies. While this is not really a fair practice by any means, people want all of the business they can get and sometimes they try to take it away from their competition by leaving negative reviews.
In a similar regard, positive reviews that you find can actually be from the marketer or company themselves and not from an unbiased person or party. Sure, you can probably find many good things written about a person, product or service, but how do you really know who wrote the review and whether it was written without any form of compensation?
Every Internet marketing program is different. Some will work for certain people while others will work for other people. Not everyone responds or learns the same way and therefore, the product or service might be good but people who did not connect may still leave negative reviews or vice versa.
Sometimes the wrong name gets associated with the wrong product. Since there are so many people marketing online, if a person has a common first and last name, it might be easy to get them mixed up with another marketer of the same or similar name. This can lead to both good and bad reviews being left about a person who had nothing to do with a product or company.
If the review is related to a product that a person purchased from a marketer’s website, the marketer might not even be the company who makes or actually sells the product. The marketer could be just promoting the product or service on their website.

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you cannot trust every single Internet marketing review that you read or find online. Therefore, it is always a good idea to read a lot of reviews to get the best idea of the situation and to not take everything at face value without doing a little research first.

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